Cheyenne Capital Chorale


Anne Schatz, Director
Linda Pechulis, President
Michele Jensen, Vice President
Heather Bugg, Secretary
Larry White, Treasurer
Brian Greene, Librarian
Dyan Christiansen, Member-at-Large
Danielle Jensen-Ryan, Member-at-Large

 May 2019

Dear Capital Chorale Members,

Wow… gotta say, I’m a little sad our 2018-2019 season is over. While we all look forward to the fun and activities spring and summer give us, I’m going to miss my choir nights and friends… We made some truly beautiful music this year and I couldn’t be prouder. Thank you for entrusting the 2019-2020 season to me as President and allow me to welcome the new board members!

Michele Jensen as your new Vice President

Danielle Jensen-Ryan as your new Member-at-large (Grant Writer)

I see a fine team building with a lot of great ideas, enthusiasm, and drive!

Year-End Party

How nice was it to just visit and relax over great food! Thank you, James and Amy, for bringing the projector to view our photos from the Spring concert and the audio. We knew we did a wonderful job on the concert, but it was awesome to hear us 😊 How we’re going to miss you two…

Keep your eye on our website ( and our Facebook page for new pictures and videos.


Watch the Facebook page and your emails this summer for upcoming fundraising events. We’re hoping for another Cold Stone evening during Frontier Days. What could be more perfect after a hot rodeo?? Moving into late summer or early fall we’re arranging a day at Chipotles’. These are great ways to help our organization and fill our tummys as well.😉 Win-win!

Board Meetings

Remember that the board meetings are open to members to attend. You can witness (and maybe choose to forget 😉) the behind the scenes work that goes into an organization like this! They are typically the 4th Monday night of the month from 6:30-8pm, usually at the Laramie County Library. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 24th, 6:30-8pm at the library in the Windflower Room.

Member Survey

Be watching your email in the coming weeks for a Choir Member Survey from Survey Monkey. It’ll be a few questions for feedback to help us improve your choir. They don’t take long at all but are invaluable to the board to see what is working, and not in our choir. Please take the time to complete these! We want to hear your voices. (See what I did there?)

First rehearsal back!

Our first rehearsal date is Tuesday, August 27th, 7-9 pm at First United Methodist Church as usual.

Watch for emails as there will likely be auditions for our “Singers” group earlier that evening. This is a group that will be representing us in all kinds of community functions. Don’t be shy, get to that audition!

Please, oh please, invite prospective new singers! Think of friends, your neighbor that’s in high school, the person you sing next to at church. We need to continue growing as a community choir both physically and musically!

Finally, please take of yourselves and your voices this summer and


                                                                                   Linda Pechulis


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