Director’s Circle

($500 or more)

Frank Morrow

Bob & Charla Nelson

St Christopher’s Episcopal Church

Women’s Civic League of Cheyenne


Guest Artist 


Barbara Dorr


Sloan & Anna Marie Hales

Jeff & Lynne Carlton

Section Leaders


Joni Rio

Kathy Giorgis

Mary Bell Guthrie

Alice Mary Newsome

Tom & Eryn Satterfield

Donna Spatz

Maria Mores

Carol Nicolarsen

Donald Yeo

Cheyenne Pet Clinic

Jeff & Becky Tish

Dr. Carol Fischer

Hallady Auto Group



(Up to $99) 

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Kristy Anderson

Lonna Courtney

Karen Ferchen

Colette J Johnson

Elizabeth Oakes

Jim Osterfoss

Linda Pechulis

Francis Shive

Suzanne Smith

Douglas Carr

Kathy & Shane Sconce

Marguerite Herman & George Powers

Jack & Liane Terrill

Suzanne & George A. Mores

Ron & Cheri Koehn


Become a sponsor

Want to become a sponsor? Your generous gifts supports the choir through new music, community outreach and more. We accept donations all year!

Send us an email for more information at [email protected]

or send us your donation to
Cheyenne Capital Chorale
P.O. Box 21225
Cheyenne, WY 82003

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